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     Forming in the early 90s, EMN is no stranger to the music scene. They quickly became the most prominent leaders of the Memphis rock scene, packing smoky venues on historic Beale Street and throughout the city as the word spread about their blistery, energy-packed performances. Before long, EMN’s local reputation made its way to recording labels and Arista Records signed the band to an impressive record deal. The band repaid their fans’ devotion by recording the videos right in the Memphis club where it happened for them. The first single, “Walls Come Down,” went to 16 on Billboard album tracks and the video was played on Mtv’s Headbanger’s Ball for six weeks. The second single “Love Can Make You Blind” went to 3 on the Billboard album tracks and stayed at 11 for sixteen weeks. It was a big favorite on Mtv as well, going to number 1 on All Request and Headbanger’s Ball for seven weeks. Their self-titled album went on to sell about 500,000 copies. EMN’s second album, Wake Up Screaming, sold more than 200,000 copies and the single “House of Pain” was featured on Headbanger’s Ball for four weeks.

     EMN received a lot of press and toured for five years for these two albums, opening up for bands like Cheap Trick and Dream Theater, and performing many headliner shows, one such show being the Livestock Festival which drew a crowd of 55,000. One time, the band sold 9,000 tickets in a single night after being added late to a bill at a Florida racetrack. They were featured in hundreds of hard rock magazines in the U.S. and overseas and were guests on many television shows from Joan Rivers’ talk show to the Playboy video channel.

     Writing, recording and touring…it’s a way of life for EMN. They follow their artistic drive, creating the sound that emerges from their souls, even if this sound over the years sometimes didn’t match what was hip at the moment. The foundation of rock and roll is rebellion after all…EMN perhaps are rebels in the very core sense because they believed in hard rock through times when hard rock just wasn’t the thing to do. This loyalty has paid off, however, as the band’s new album has entered the music world at the right time, where hard rock acts are embraced once against by the mainstream. The music environment and EMN both transformed through the years on what at times may have appeared to be parallel paths, but this recent crossing on level ground proves otherwise. Yes, the time is right for EMN. EMN's current line up is Rick Ruhl (lead vocals), Lonnie Hammer (drums), Travis Butler( guitarist), Troy Fleming (bassist), & Travis Hall (guitarist).